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Pool cleaning services in Las Vegas

Pool Maintenance

We offer weekly pool service for an affordable rate. This includes Chemical testing, Balancing of the water, Brushing of the walls and tile, emptying of all the baskets, looking over all the equipment to ensure its functioning properly and vacuuming. We check the whole system and monitor the gauges to keep your pool filtration system operating at peak efficiency. We insure you are swimming in safe and sanitary conditions. We make owning a pool Eazy Breezy!

Pool equipment troubleshooting service in Las Vegas


Old pool equipment not working like it use to? We have you covered! Finding out what's wrong with your pool equipment and making sure your pool system is functioning properly is one of your specialties! We diagnose the problem and fix it. If pool equipment gets old, faulty, or outdated we can get you a quote on brand new equipment installation, so you can enjoy your pool!

Acid washing for pools in Las Vegas

Acid Washing

The purpose of an acid wash is to remove stains, scale, and calcium from the floor and corners of your pool bed. If you have noticed that the color of your pool is not the same as it used to be or you can't see the walls and floor of your pool, it is time for an acid wash.

Chlorine Washing pool service in Las Vegas

Chlorine Washing

Over time, pools get build up and discoloration on the walls from things such as algae and minerals. With a Chlorine wash we get into all the pores of the plaster to get rid of all the bacteria and build up. It makes your plaster really pop again!

Salt conversion for pools in Las Vegas

Salt Conversion 

We can help you convert your pool to a salt water system. 

Pool draining service in Las Vegas by Eazy Breezy Pools

Pool Draining

Minerals and contaminants
(such as dust, pool chemicals, sunscreen and more) become concentrated as the water evaporates, eventually making it difficult to maintain your pool.

Pool chemsitry by Eazy Breezy Pools in Las Vegas

Pool Chemistry

The chemistry in your pool is our #1 priority. Having the proper balance of the PH in the water is crucial. Every week we come and make sure your pool is as dialed as possible! We check the full spectrum of the test to insure every single one is perfect, so you can enjoy your pool safely to the max!

LED lighting for pools in Las Vegas

LED Lighting

LED lighting can enhance the overall appearance of your pool. It will take your pool to the next level in lighting.

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