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About Us

At Eazy Breezy Pools our mission is to provide professional quality pool and spa services for reasonable prices. Our team is experienced and dependable providing outstanding customer care and pool services. 

We have a wide range of pool and spa services that will ensure your pool is always in a great condition for you to enjoy!  We specialize in all of the top manufacturers of pool products, such as Pentair and Hayward. 


We ensure that our customers' pools are running at peak efficiency and the water is sparkling year round. Our customers can count on us to respond as quickly as possible to any questions or concerns they may have about their pool.  


If you are looking for a reliable and reasonable priced pool and spa services in the Las Vegas area, don't hesitate to reach out to Eazy Breezy Pools fo a quote today!

If you love our quality pool service and customer service, for every pool you refer us to, you will receive a discount on your next month's service.

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